Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Lease on the New Apartment Has Been Signed

Another milestone has been made in my quest to retire and move to Lynchburg.  The link to the lease for my new apartment was sent to me today via email.  I read it, initialed the four sections, and signed it at the bottom of the lease.  I then submitted it.  Technology at its best.

I then called Appalachian Power to apply to have my electricity put in my name for my apartment on April 21.  My application was accepted, and I have an account there now.  I am all set for electricity in my new abode.

Both TV and internet are provided by Willowbrook, my apartment, for a price.  Twenty-four channels are free, and that is what I will start with.  I am going to use Sling TV and other apps to watch other TV channels (breaking the cord).  I have been experimenting with that here, so I know I can do that.  Hopefully it will work as well in Lynchburg.  I will have to buy a combo cable modem and router to use to access the internet.  It shouldn't be too hard to set that up since I have done so in the past.  I guess this old man remembers how to do it.

Soon I will have to start getting boxes to pack up for my move (April 25).  I have some stuff already in boxes, so hopefully I will not need too many more.  I will have to get some newspapers to wrap the dishes for packing into boxes as well.  Getting the boxes and packing is not much fun, but it has to be done.

Progress has been made this week, and that has been exciting.  Another step has been made.

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