Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Small Hiccup in my Apartment Setup

As I mentioned in my previous posting for this blog, I have to buy a cable modem/router to be able to access the Internet from my new abode.  This past Saturday I went on the Amazon Web site and bought an Arris cable modem/router model SBG7580-AC (I am sure everyone knows what that is).  It was delivered to me on the following Monday afternoon.  To my chagrin, I noticed right away that there two dents in the box as well as a small cut.  Oh, oh!  Not a good sign.  I opened the box and carefully took out the modem/router.  Yes, it was indeed damaged.  There was a dent on one of the sides.  I don't know if the dent would cause the unit not to work properly, but I did not wait around to find out.  I went on Amazon's Web site and looked up their return procedure.  I then printed the return postage label and took it and the unit, which I put back into the box it came in, to UPS for shipment back to Amazon.  The unit was reordered, and I received a new, unblemished unit yesterday afternoon, at no additional cost.  The hiccup is gone, and I can hardly wait to set it up and use it next month in my new place.

My next task is to start collecting boxes and store my junk in them.  I have gotten rid of my fake tree, my worn out office chair, and my bicycle, which I have not used in a very long time.   I put those 3 items out on the curb, 2 one day and the third one on another day, and I don't think the garbage men took those items.  I think someone else took them, and that is fine with me.  There are probably some other items which I will get of the same way before I move.  I will save a little money on the move as a result (I hope).

I bought a new office chair from Staples last Saturday, so my office furniture is set except for one thing.  Right now my printer sits on a TV tray.  I would like to place that on a table that goes with my desk.  I'll do that after the move.  It can wait.  Move preparation is slowly progressing.  Yes!

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